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NFPA70 Training Online is an industry-recognized safety standard that is utilized by employers and employees in compliance with OSHA 1910 Subpart S and OSHA 1926 Subpart K. Originally created in response to OSHA’s request, NFPA70 online training highlights the recommended electrical practices that are in line with established regulatory requirements. Companies even use specific NFPA70 online training compliance guidelines nowadays to evaluate and protect workers from arc flash hazards.

The Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace or simply known as the NFPA70 is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulation regarding electrical safety requirements in the workplace. The NFPA70 features guidelines and practices that aim to reduce the exposure of workers to major electrical hazards.  Some of those hazards include shock, arc flash, arc blast, and fire ignition.

You can learn the NFPA70 regulations completed remotely at your own pace. You will are granted 24/7 access to the self-paced modules as long as you have internet connection. Start and stop and your own convenience.  After completing the final exam with an 80% grade, you will be able to print your certification of completion.  These documents can be presented to your employer and local regulators.

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